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UIT Institute Revolutionizing the E-Learning Platforms.
  • 04 September 2021

With a total of 300+ independent courses and over 1500+ modules available, UIT Institute has become the global leader in Video-On-Demand and Instructor-Led training courses.

The pandemic has managed to make the long-running fault line in our education system visible, not only problematizing the idea of institutionalized formal education but questioning whether there is a need for one at all.Universities have always been exclusionary in their uptake of students, often gatekeeping information from people which might lead to social mobility. This is changing rapidly, the introduction of online learning portals allowed individuals to amass knowledge without relying on a university. Setting their deadlines, goals, and projects, they are much more intrinsically motivated to learn. UIT Institute was established post-COVID-19 to cope with the challenges created by this global pandemic.

They were created with a goal in mind, to help people deal with the changes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the 21st Century. The team at UIT Institute is aware that our world is changing dramatically, indeed, individuals and institutions are increasingly becoming more and more aware of our changing environment, including the way we shop, do business, and train ourselves. This is the reason why the UIT Institute was created. Based on the ongoing crisis and the new challenges faced every day, they have partnered with proven leaders and sources of channels to provide an easy-to-navigate e-learning platform. As of now, UIT Institute offers over 1500+ on-demand videos and courses exclusively to help you transition through these unprecedented times.

They are now one of the global leaders in on-demand and Instructor-led training courses and certifications, specializing in Cybersecurity, IT Networking, Cloud Management, Software Development, Project Management, Business Skills, Soft skills, and Office Productivity. They provide the most up-to-date self-paced career courses and certifications through their video library. According to Gisselle Capote, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP at UIT Institute “We empowering adult professionals and students to take control over their E-Learning opportunities. Learning via video-on-demand and instructor-led training courses whenever they want. With us, they will earn PDUs, CEUs, CPEs & Certificates of Completion.”

One might think that the cost of these privileges would exceed the conventional education fee, however, the online model allows accessibility and lowering of the cost. UIT Institute has a special bundle discount with 12 months of unlimited access, beginning the 20th of August until the 20th of October, 20201; UIT Institute is offering a “Stack deal” of their VIP Unlimited Access - Full Library, which normally costs $499.00 for all courses, now ONLY $79.99. The professional adults or students will have 12 months of unlimited access to 1500+ video-on-demand and instructor-led training courses exclusively.

The team at UIT Institute believes in putting the process of learning back into the hands of the individuals with their exclusive e-learning platform… “From formal education to skill-based online education” their platform is bound to succeed.